How to have your children

  • Be interested & focused in studies.
  • Score 90% in all subjects.

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Date: 11th April 2024, Saturday,
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Maybe you have tried everything...

  • Promising them with gifts/awards

  • Teaching them yourself.

  • Reprimanding them/ taking away privileges.

  • Sending them for tutions

  • Having personal tutor.

  • Constantly following-up.

Still They Are....

👉🏻Not scoring well

👉🏻Not wanting to study

👉🏻Not focusing on their         studies

👉🏻Retaliating when you          speak to them about          studies

👉🏻Not completing their          C.W/H.W

👉🏻Not studying some               subjects

👉🏻They say “STUDIES”               are boring/ wasteful!


In this 90 Min Masterclass

You will Discover…

Why are your children not interested in studies

How can you not only get them to be interested in studies but they wanting  to study

How can they fall in “LOVE” with subjects they hate/don’t want to study

Why the action you have been taking and not giving you the results

The True Essence Of Education

What Participants have To Say..

We Have Transformed Over 2,57,000 Parents Relationship With Their Child!
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Sushma Ratoori

Jaipuria Education Society

” Sushant offers some very practical solutions to common childhood behaviors using real-life personal examples to illustrate practical techniques “

Shweta Raj

Indian Model

” Sushant’s sincere efforts towards parents and parenting are backed with solid logic and experience it’s 28 years of experience. Don’t hesitate at all. Think of all the unused gifts lying around in your child’s cupboards…. They don’t need more gifts they need friends they can communicate openly with. “

Geeta Verma

Principal of Pragyanam School

“Sushant’s approach to parenting is simple, straightforward and full of practical activities that parents can do to empower their children and themselves.”

This Masterclass Is Presented By

Mr. Sushant Kalra

Bestselling Author Of Perfect Parenting, Invited By Tedx Multiple Times, 
Founder & Director Of Parwarish Institute Of Parenting.

Sushant Kalra is an award-winning TedX Speaker who believes that children are the heart of parents outside their bodies. Being the pioneer in the child development domain, sushant connects with the general public by sharing his public experiences as a parent and encourages parents to take the upbringing of their children more seriously and work on themselves. He believes that in order for the children to realize their boundless potential, their parents have to be friends with them.

Recognition And Awards

***(BE QUICK! we are filling fast, reserve your spot NOW )***

Date: 11th April 2024, Saturday,
Time: 5 PM- 7 PM

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